• Image of Balcans magazine issue 5

Hello world!

Here we are with the 5th issue of Balcans magazine! We are proud with you all and with ourselves for the success of this project which is working out well and for keeping it alive, so thank you all for your support. It’s really tricky to be venturing a printed magazine in this century of internet.

Our special guest in this issue is Meck from Turkey, one of the best illegal graffiti writers of the last few years in Istanbul, with his trains and many bombings. He also made some trips around Europe to see other types of steel and play with them so we are showing you what he has done! (p. 6)

RIP Ziper (1997-2010). Roni a.k.a. Ziper was a very young and promising writer active in Sofia, Bulgaria. We remember his graffiti and his personal story as a tribute to the legacy still shaping the local scene. (p. 33)

To strengthen the Balkan flavour and shed more light on this untamed part of the world for those less familiar with it, we’ll be showing you around cities across the Balkan Peninsula and presenting their graffiti scene. We start with lovely Skopje! (p. 34)

Meet the WINNERS in StyleForce & Balcans TAG BATTLE 2013 which we launched online in September presented through their Balcans tag. We are proud to have received entries by a total of 114 people from 24 countries around the world including Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland, Serbia, Kosovo, France, Macedonia, Mexico, Slovenia, Greece, Austria, Croatia, Spain, Venezuela, Switzerland, Albania, Morocco, Hungary, Montenegro, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and the US. (p. 46)

Peace, respect and much love to all!